Step into the digital world with us

Ready for an adventure? 

Ready to finally use your knowledge of cars to gain financial reward?

Do you enjoy reading about cars? 

Are you a financial member of a car club? 

Do you have good computer literacy skills?

Are you able to research and fact check?

Do you want to work at your own pace, in your own time?

If you answered yes to these questions you should consider becoming a partner or Registered Lister.

About our Registered lister Partners

Our Partners or Registered Listers (RL) create tokens that they are able to sell or retain. 

RLs identify real-world cars, undertake research and prepare draft tokens for the program to assess. If approved the token is then owned by the RL and they can choose what to do with it. 

RL’s can apply for any make and model of car(s) to convert into Digital Car Tokens (DCTs), provided it has not already been converted. RL’s can generate 1 token or hundreds. The choice is yours. 

A Welcome pack and assistance is provided to all new Registered Listers to help prepare the first token. Like most things once the first token has been completed it become much simpler from then onwards. 

Profits from all token sales including future royalties is your’s to keep. We don’t charge any fees or commissions from sales. 

Terms &

The DCT program has established Guidelines and Terms and Conditions for Registered Lister Partners. 

By becoming a RL and benefiting from the program you will be required to accept the programs Terms and Conditions and Guidelines. The requirements provide clarity on preparing and submitting draft tokens, our shared obligations, behaviour, integrity, promotion of the program for example. 

The Guidelines and other documents will be available closer to the application submission date. 

Summary of process

Applications for Cohort 2 commence 4th July

Register you interest now

Applications for Cohort 2 commence on 4th July 2022. 

50 applications will be assessed in the second cohort. 

Applications are considered in order of the enquiries received. Don’t wait to miss out, submit your interest now. 

A copy of the enterprise Guidelines and other information will be sent to you. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

We suggest you register your interest now. Guidelines and other information will then be sent to you prior to the commencement of applications.

You will then be able to confirm your application request closer to the date.  

Register your interest and we will send you further information on how to apply. 

The Partner Guidelines for Cohort #2 will be available in June.

If you register your interest they will be automatically sent to you. 

Any legitimate car club is fine. You will need to provide evidence of financial membership of the club at time of application. 

Yes, an application charge applies when making an application to become a Partner. 

Further information is detailed in the Guidelines.