What are Digital Car Tokens?

Welcome to the first automotive enthusiast focused non-fungible tokens (NFT) enterprise; Digital Car Tokens™ (DCT).

DCT innovatively converts real world cars, from anywhere in the world, cars you can actually see on the street, in shows, private collections, for sale or at motorsport events and converts them into digital replicas expressed as tokens or digital trading cards. The tokens innovatively use the real cars image, chassis number and other providence to create a token that is truly unique and a one-of-one. These tokens then become a commercialised and tradeable commodity via non-fungible tokens.

Unlike traditional mass produced paper based trading cards, Digital Car Tokens can only ever be a one-of-one. This is because of the innovative conversion process and enterprise framework, which utilises a central database to vet, record and document approved DCTs and ensures only one token replicating a real world car can ever be generated. This makes each token truly unique. The availability of digital car tokens is directly linked to the real-world production numbers and known chassis numbers. For example Ferrari only build 349 of their F50 supercar. Therefore only 349 digital equivalent digital car tokens can be produced.

Because we are car enthusiasts, club members and understand the value and contribution of volunteers, any car club member, throughout the world can apply to become involved in the program. If accepted you can then create digital car tokens and directly share in the financial reward and pleasure of creating a digital replica(s) of real world cars, possibly even your own car. 

Are you ready to become the digital equivalent of Jay Leno, or the equivalent digital trader like Tom Hartley or Marshall Goldman? Alternatively just collect your dream car garage and share or trade NFT tokens amongst your friends and fellow enthusiasts. Build, grow and manage your portfolio of digital cars.

Program launches through our Partners on OpenSea and Rarible.

Converting a real-world car into a Digital Token copy.

Ferrari F50

349 produced

F50 for sale.  

Source-  Tom Hartley Jnr website 2022. 

Digital Car Token generated by Partner #2103

Approved for release and sale as 

Digital Car Token #80

Chassis 105193

Ex Colin McRae WRC

unique 1/1

Ex Colin McRae Ford Focus WRC for sale.  

Source-https://silverstoneauctions.com website. 

Digital Car Token generated by Partner #2103

Approved for release and sale as 

Digital Car Token #524

Chassis 29415

SRT Demon

3300 produced

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon for sale.  



Source-https://www.barrett-jackson.com/ website 2022. 

Digital Car Token generated by Partner #2201

Approved for release and sale as 

Digital Car Token #256

Chassis 103041

Token creators

We are for all car enthusiasts. 

All our Digital Car Tokens are created by car enthusiasts throughout the world. Creators, or token researchers and generators are our Partners in the enterprise and once approved become Registered Listers. 

Registered Listers create the tokens, we check them for accuracy, then the Registered Lister is able to sell and trade in the tokens. 

for enthusiasts

The Digital Car Tokens™ program is available for all car enthusiasts to participate in. If you are in a car club you can apply to join the program, become a Registered Lister (Partner), create tokens and once approved, issue them for sale at any NFT marketplace. 

You keep all the profits and future royalties for tokens sold. Yes, you read right all! 

You can retain the tokens for months, or years or choose to sell them at any time. The choice is yours.   

What digital car tokens does

Digital Car Tokens™ is a company of car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, established to develop, launch and then administer the first enthusiast focused digital car tokens program of non-fungible tokens using the Ethereum block chain.

  • administers and manages the Registered Lister program
  • checks tokens submitted for authenticity, accuracy and other defined criteria
  • checks that applications for tokens are new and not duplicated. Ensure that each token is unique and issue Token Numbers to verify originality
  • manage the approved tokens database
  • support and education to Registered Listers 
  • promote the enterprise
  • acts to prevent copyright infringement and fraudulent activities
  • promotes the advertisement of chassis numbers and other providence details by vehicle advertisers 
  • facilitates real-world vehicle tracking by enthusiasts
  • and more


Purpose & mission

To inspire and enrich all automotive enthusiasts.


To develop the next generation digital car assets and interactive experiences that connects enthusiasts to their passions and interests. 


Explore available tokens on a
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Some of our Registered Listers tokens

Digital Car Exchange- RL#2103

Approved Token 117

Gold Coast Digital Cars-RL#2201

Approved Token xxxxxxx

DCT Warehouse- RL#2212

4-3-2-1 GO Digital- RL#2207


Yes, the Registry receives EOI applications to convert a real-world car into a DCT digital replica. Once the application (token) is assessed and validated it will be approved for Listing and be issued a Token number.

In many ways yes. The main differences are these digital car tokens are produced as just a one-of-one. No tokens can be the same and they are a replica of a real world car. Also, these tokens are a Crypto asset being a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore ownership is always known and can be simply traded.

You don’t need to be an enthusiast to apply. You must be a financial member of a car club to apply. 

We recommend Creators (Registered Listers) have a very good understanding of the automotive landscape before applying. 

Yes, each application is assessed by the Registrar and if approved is issued a Token number and recorded on the database. No two chassis numbers can be duplicated. 

The database is publicly available to inspect and check. 

We hope to have lots. Applications for Cohort #2 commence on the 30th April, 2022. Cohort #2 is open to 50 applications. Further applications will be accepted once Cohort #2 applications have been assessed.