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Conversion of a real-world car into a Digital Car Token (DCT) is undertaken by our enterprise Partners, which are refered to as Registered Listers. 

A Registered Lister (RL) has made an application to join the enterprise program and has been successful. Successful applicants are issued with an RL number and Guidelines and instructions on how to create DCTs. 

Each DCT requires the RL to identify a real-world car that is suitable for conversion, undertake research and prepare a draft token, which then needs to be assessed by the program.  

It is a program requirement that real-world cars must be publicly advertised. The advertisement must be from a legitimate source and the advertisement must include a current photo of the car, its chassis number, current location (Country) and manufactured year. 

Once the RL has created the token they submit it for approval. 

If approved the car and its chassis is recorded on our database. RL’s can then sell, retain or assign the token on a Ethereum blockchain non-fungible token marketplace. 

chassis numbers

"a cars birth certificate"

Chassis number identification is core to the conversion and approval process

chassis numbers

case Examples

Why chassis numbers are important in the real-world and digital world

Manufacturing numbers

Govern the number of digital tokens that can be produced

checking and publishing


An Non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects, like motor vehicles in this instance. 

NFTs are able to be bought and traded (or re-sold) through a NFT online market place. The encoding software makes ownership transparent. 

The following information (click on a link below) may be useful to further understand NFTs and how digital car tokens are ideally placed within this framework.


series 1

April 2022

1000 tokens

Identifiable by logo

Prepared by Cohort 1 Registered Listers

token pricing




Most frequent questions and answers

When all 1000 tokens in Series 1 are approved, Series 2 will be released. 

The second series will “unlock” an additional 50 makes/models.  

We would recommend checking the NFT marketplaces for availability. Tokens for Senna’s have been approved for sale. If you still cannot find one we recommend you contact one of our Registered Listers who may be able to secure you one. 

Alternatively post a wanted ad on social media and see if someone wants to sell you theirs. 

Good question. We recommend tokens retail for 0.3-5% of the cars real-world value. The Ferrari F40 is a highly sought after token and market forces value this token more than some Lamborghini’s. In contrast some Miura’s eg SV’s currently exceed F40 pricing.