Our company is a collective of car enthusiasts and entrenpeaurs striving to build a program to enrich all automotive enthusiasts. 

 For most of my life I’ve been a motoring enthusiast. I cannot place an exact date or age when I really became interested in cars. My parents were not at all into cars. For them cars were first and foremost practical and had to be reliable.

Thinking back, I was about 10 when I received a framed poster of a silver 959 for Christmas. That same Christmas my brother received an F40 poster. Both posters hung proudly on our bedroom walls. We bickered over which car was cooler and faster. I was about 13, when an uncle who was into cars arrived one Sunday day for a family dinner in his 72 Porsche 911S. It was fitted with the duck tail spoiler, in red and to us kids from the suburbs was spectacular as it sat shinning in the driveway. After tea he took us kids for a spin around the burbs. Two kids in those small back seats of this glamorous red sports car. So cool. I still remember the sound. Perhaps these events were formative of a lifelong interest in cars. I know many others have similar stories.

I’ve always seen cars as more than just transport. I’ve bought and sold some nice cars along the way as budgets, space, family commitments, ‘unique’ opportunities and interests evolved. I’ve regretted selling many of them too. Like many, I’m not in a position where I’m able to buy a sports car or exotic but have dreamt of one day owning one and hope to do so. As a result, I’ve had to stick to a ‘dream car garage’ to fulfill my fantasies should luck come my way one day. Every few months I see something interesting, new or just forgotten about in a magazine or online and once again tinker with the classic 10 car dream car garage…

Fast forward to early 2021 and the hype surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs). I won’t go into detail about NFTs (covered elsewhere) other than to say NFTs triggered a classic light bulb moment. For decades trading cards have become one of the most valuable assets you can own as a collector. Why not expand the dream car garage concept into digital copies of real world cars via utilization of the unique attributes of NFTs. Following many months of consultation, design, planning and establishing a team we launched Digital Car Tokens™(DCT).

If you’re into cars, collecting, or just investing and want to get your hands on a piece of exclusive collectible history then DCT is for you. Fancy a Ferrari F40 or Pagani in your garage, well now you could have an exact exclusive digital copy in your digital garage.

Our Mission is to develop the next generation digital car assets and interactive experiences that connects enthusiasts to their passions and interests.

To support our Mission, Vision and Values, our framework has been structured so that any car club member can become involved beyond buying, selling, and trading digital tokens. Anyone can become a token creator (artist) within the DCT framework. This unique feature enables the whole world-wide community of car enthusiasts to interact and share in the benefits the program has to offer now and into the future of Web 3.0 and the metaverse.

Join up, be part of the community, become a Registered Lister™. It’s easy to register, so you can create, sell, trade and benefit just like the real-world.

Founder & Managing Director

Justin has been an automotive enthusiast for over 35 years and is most passionate about homologation specials and rallying. He openly acknowledges with perhaps another 10 years of practice he may be able to master weber tuning. Active member of many car clubs including committee, and former magazine editor. An award winning inventor, Start-up Founder, mentor, graduate of LaTrobe University- Accelerating commercialisation program and professional project manager. Justin brings a team of enthusiasts together to execute the Digital Car Tokens enterprise.


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Our team is growing…

As applications and assessments increase were taking on new team members. 

Were looking forward to our new team members commencing and we look forward to our team members sharing their passions and interest.